Christine Avery

10 Things to Know About the Artist:

1.  She believes life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothes and will most often be found in a tie-dyed shirt and jeans.

2.  Even though she was born in the USA, her soul was born in New Zealand where she lived and studied in her early twenties.

3.  She feels that a white canvas is the most inviting and most terrifying sight in the world, so she paints her canvases a bright color before putting down an under-drawing.

4.  Her talent for noticing detail is so strong that she once found a four-leaf clover while moving at ten miles an hour on horseback.

5.  She is married to a horror author, Tim Waggoner, who is not only her best friend, but a constant creative inspiration despite the fact that she is terrified of horror movies and can't even watch the commercials for them.

6.  She has an adventurous spirit. Before leaving the United States for the first time she drove from the East to the West coasts with friends, put her feet in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and visited 31 of the 50 states.

7.  She spent 2 years as an emergency medical technician for her local fire department, but couldn't handle how often she had to sit still.

8.  Her life and work is managed by a bossy dachshund named Lucy who barks at her if she does not sit down to work at the correct time, which is fantastic because she's easily distracted.

9.  She spent 15 years training horses, riding, competing and teaching horsemanship. She never imagined finding another career that was equally satisfying until she picked up a paintbrush. Few people get to live their dreams. She has now been blessed to live hers twice.

10. She's not a big fan of making lists.

Artist Statement:

              Christine is a hyper-realist oil painter currently living near Dayton, Ohio. She stumbled into her talent for the arts in 2012 at the age of 32. While twists and turns in her life plan weren't uncommon, she wasn't sure what to make of her newly discovered talent in the studio. She was certain, however, that finding it had forever changed her. With the support of her family she decided to pursue the arts as a commitment to herself, her passion and her future. In the summer of 2012, having been painting for fewer than six months, she was awarded a grant by Wittenberg University to explore historical glazing techniques in oil paint. She was nominated for the 2013 AICUO Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts and graduated that same year with her Bachelor of Arts from Wittenberg University.  She has since shown her work throughout the Eastern United States.

              The subject matter of Christine's paintings varies, but attention to detail, reflections and the interactions of light and water often characterize her work. She loves nature and she sees spiritual symbolism in plants and in water, often combining them in her compositions. The events in her life are translated on her canvases into droplets that magnify, reveal and reflect. Art is not something that happens on a canvas for her, but something that happens inside her soul during those precious moments in life that inspire, change and enlighten. Her goal as an artist is to capture the beauty of those moments because they make her feel more human and more connected to her world.